30th. Pretty hair

I haven't had a haircut in a long time and now it seems like another expense that I didn't plan in for this month. You know when you plan on spending nothing on anything yet things creep up and you do anyway? Well I'm trying to eliminate any unnecessary purchase as I still will end up going out at night and eating out etc, and I think I'll wait just a little longer for a haircut. My hair is finally, officially long in my eyes, as my hair always feels much shorter than it is in reality and I've always had it loooong! This Leo definitely needs a mane to swish around and if my hair looks bad, I feel bad! Nothing worse than frizzy bits at the front or a kink at the root. 

Last night I was craving a brighter red and by 8pm tonight, I had dyed it just that!! I used Garnier Nutrisse 6.60 Fiery Red, which seemed the most conditioning/kind permanent colour that was a true red, without any purple tones. I bought two boxes as they were two for £8 and went with the brighter one, thinking I could always dye over it if it really did feel too bright! As my hair is already ginger, I will always have copper tones showing through so reds never really fade on me. The dye I had at the salon in October is still there! I can't tell the true colour until the morning and it felt like a lot of my hair was falling out in the shower but so far, so good. YOLO!

As for pretty hair, I love long hair when it's curled and every time I've been out at night recently, I've done mine very curly. I spent the past few years trying to get volume in my hair at the roots, but realised recently that to get movement and lift at your head, you might as well curl your hair at the top there, which automatically creates texture and life! Now it seems so silly that I tried to lift the straight bits at the top of my hair, as something straight is never really going to see that volumised. Girls I urge you to try curling from the root and step back to admire your thick, full looking hair from root to tip! I use a Remmington conical wand which does the job fine. Here is curls galore from my Tumblr:


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