Hey guys! I am slightly surprised that it is already the end of June, maybe I should do another blogger challenge? This month has flown by with a few trips to London for work and I'm generally not sure what in between. I think the bank holiday throws you off!

Being almost July though, it is time to find some sun and I am about to book up a few days away with some friends, fingers crossed! It might be a bit mad that I am already starting to keep my eyes peeled for holiday bargains but the shops are already throwing all their summer things into the mid season sales. Miss Selfridge is finally back in Bristol and I much prefer it over Topshop, so I spotted this neon green bikini for £15 and had to get a bit of neon in for summer! Just imagine, on a beach with a (fake) tan, ahh!

I've been seeing American flag bikinis on blogs and something in me also needed one immediately. Maybe I was thinking along the lines of Lana Del Rey, with massive sunglasses and high waist denim shorts and a big flower! I got this one from a swedish site called Mad Lady, as I've been browsing websites recently rather than shops. This is mostly so I don't actually go into the shop and can just close the browser! But I love the chunky bow ties of this bikini and the way the bottoms are all stars.

Then after much deliberation and a few times of trying on (which I never do - I always buy what I like!), I finally got these gorgeous New Look wedges, which absolutely scream holidayyy. The nude straps don't cut off your legs as they make them look longer, and the wedge is absolutely massive. I will possibly fall over but I can time wearing them to the optimum occasion with little walking. Bring on the summer! (I found a link to New Look's sale preview too, holla!!!)

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