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Wireless 2013!

I am so glad I booked a very last minute ticket to Wireless Festival! It dawned on me earlier that any international readers may not be so familiar with festivals and I've seen a lot of bloggers attending Wireless last weekend as guests. Wireless is a London based festival without camping so you just rock up each day looking fresh and fabulous, and my friends and I travelled there on the day and checked into a hotel before hand. We went last year for Drake and when we realised a few of us could book Monday off this year, we booked up and hit London! The current heatwave in the UK means after travelling on the train to London and across on the tube, I had another cold shower at the hotel before pinning in a standard hair flower and throwing on my Motel two piece!

Haha obviously loving life in these photos, the festival was amazing! This year it was in Olympic Park where the 2012 Olympics were held, right by Westfield Shopping Centre. In a strange school trip-style formation, you had to walk through the shopping centre along with all the other festivaal goers and then onto a looong, dusty walkway to the park. It was more of a building site than a park as there was no grass anywhere at the festival but instead this green straw sheet on the ground at the stages! It totally looks like grass in the photos though right? Well it wasn't!
The heat was sweltering but we got through the gates and headed to the main stage where A$AP Rocky was about to come on stage. I've seen him (and met him!) recently so we dove straight into the thick of the crowd near the front. On TV the crowds look so close together but when you're in them, you do have space around you and we were dancing and putting our hands in the air, loving the show! At one point A$AP Twelvy crowd-surfed and fell into the crowd but couldn't get back over the barrier so stayed behind it and carried on haha! There were girls all around him screaming in his face and the cameras for the big screens were just showing him and the whole crowd were laughing so much, it was hilarious! I think it was a little early for such stage craziness as the crowd wasn't really hyped up yet, but the day was just beginning.

Most people were sitting so we moved back and found a spot to chill, where we stayed for the rest of the day! When you're in the crowd you can't see over people's heads and you get jostled and pushed so we laid back and enjoyed all the acts where we could dance and pop to any food or drinks stands. As for my outfit, I got the Motel Fonda crop top with the matching skirt AND shorts as I was sure the skirt would ride up when you walked. After some road testing, I found it was fine so I was super comfortable all day as this outfit is so light and breezy! I love everything matching right now.

We made loads of friends and none-stop danced right through the day until Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake made the crowd all stand up, and then Rihanna came out for a suprise set! I thought it was just a soundtrack as I was having so much fun dancing and then my friend Vanessa was saying 'Look Rihanna is on stage!'. I wish she had played a longer set but I'm so happy to have seen Rihanna live! Also these girls are the most fun ever, I can't wait until even more of our group head to V Festival in a month! 

It was such a fun day; a festival really feels like a holiday but with tens of thousands of other holiday makers around you and constant great music. The next day Vanessa and I recovered at The Breakfast Club, a retro London cafe with the best menu! I had a veggie English breakfast with pancakes and a green smoothie; it was all so tasty and was the perfect setting to remember the festival highlights.
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