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Liberty Love: NIKEiD

Aloha lovers. I say lovers because this post will be all about love and loving and lovers as I am having an affair with a pair of shoes. I paid the big bucks and got Nike iD Air Max and it's been true love ever since!

So my fashion circumstances changed recently with my new job as there is an office dress code, whereas before I could wear literally anything any day of the week. Now the weekend is my time to wear what I like, but not the time to bust out your most chic, killer outfit as you want to chill and go with the flow. It's the weekend baby! So I made an investment in some trainers that a) I can wear on the weekend and be super comfortable but stay looking sweet and b) I can also wear them to the gym, which I just joined and oh my, it is tough but feels great. That's another post for another time (or best left in the gym!) and so, rather than buying another pair of flats, I got the ultimate Nikes.

I stalked eBay for weeks, I plotted and planned, and I shopped every available style, but there weren't any trainer prints or patterns that were just right, as Goldilocks may say. Nike iD is the way to go as you design your own trainers and they are custom made to order for you. You pay the price but I found a picture of Liberty Pepper Print sneaks that sold out a while ago, and of course I wanted those. I couldn't find them anywhere so I just recreated the design!

Receiving the emails at each point of the creation process was a huge teaser and in a month the postman brought these brand new puppies into my life! Air Max are light and bouncy and elevate your feet nicely so you can show them off and flaunt your ankles. As a long-time wearer of flats, the hours of comfortable walking (shopping) is like heaven. Even my nan loved them, and I trotted off for their first outing, saying RIP to the pristine lilac soles. I got compliments in shops, in the street, through a Starbucks window, and a boy even fell of his bike doing a U-turn to shout 'Nice trainers!' while I was at a bus stop! A lady stopped me on a bridge and said 'Congratulations' as though I had just had a baby! This new world of trainers is a delight to behold, especially since I have taken the girliest step into it that I could! As the most timeless things I ever bought, I paid the high price tag since I can wear these to infinity. My pride and joy, welcome to the world! I definitely recommend saving for the kicks of your dreams too. You won't look back!

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