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Make Up Lust

I'm getting back into makeup quite seriously at the moment. I can't really be too experimental with my clothes so makeup is on the agenda. I had almost a year of 'using up what I have' and since I dyed my hair a darker red, I've had to look into different shades and styles. I'm still a very firm fan of MAC makeovers and I only invest in new things once they have been chosen by a professional, even if MAC faces can be very heavy and 'done'. A look I personally love!! Remember you spend £30 on a makeover but then you can claim £30 off any products.

Right now my obsessions are clear, glowing skin, plump, nude lips and arched brows. Over the summer I was trying to channel my inner Victoria Secret model and I had a MAC makeover before a gig. A gig might seem a strange occasion but sometimes I have makeovers when I know I'm going to spend £30 in store in the near future anyway, and a gig actually has more promise than a night out because you know you're going to see someone you love perform, rather than go to a club that could turn out a bit lifeless. Gigs are the new clubs for sure and it was a Kendrick Lamar gig by the way! I had one of the most tanned faces I've had at this particular makeover but the look was freshened with the shimmery, pearlescent pink beauty that is Lust MSF. Mineralised Skin Finish powders are known for being swirls of glitter goodness and this one adds a flush of an angel. Pair with a twinkle in your eye and let your cheekbones do the talking.

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