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Nails of the Week 32: I Heart You

Wow the Christmas season is coming around FAST and I'm gearing up for a few big weeks. Usually Christmas in retail is extremely hectic but the industry I work in now is a little more even across the year, so I'm going to look forward to the parties, the festivities and the food! I literally cannot wait for all the food, especially since moving out of my mom's and fending for myself in the kitchen again. I'm certainly not a talented cook!

Last year I had festive Christmas nails, and that literally feels like yesterday! I fancy a metallic blue or red for December but this month I was inspired by Effie's Makeup Box and took a screen shot of her Henry Holland-esque nails to the salon. It sure is crazy that nails in Bristol cost £40 while in Birmingham they cost only £20, and the technician just did the rounded hearts freehand, without a stencil. They are so fun! I put a picture on Instagram and it got tonnes of likes which made my day, and also they aren't too in-your-face as they are black, so not overly inappropriate for work environments. 

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