Lisbon Love: Topshop

Lisbon Love: Missguided

Hi guys! It's been a while, oh yes it has. There's been one thing after another! I've been working like crazy and managed to fit in finishing a book and a small holiday before my laptop broke, so now I'm typing on a new one - not great for the purse! You know I usually go on short breaks with my friends as it's so hard to all get the same holiday dates off work and we like to go somewhere a little more off the tourist track. We were planning on going to Berlin but feared it would be seriously cold, so we booked some bargain flights to Lisbon in Portugal, apparently a hidden party capital. Our equally bargain apartment had a jacuzzi, balcony, and even art on the walls - real art! Huge for the small price and Lisbon was better than we could have planned for, with great clubs on the beach and a few days of non-stop gossip.

I found it really hard to take any new outfits as I couldn't find anything I liked. The last break I had was in September and I ended up taking a few of the same dresses I did then! The only new dress I did find though was this beautiful floral printed Missguided slip dress which I saved for the second night, which tends to be the one where you're feeling the best but have already found your holiday feet. On the first night we realised we loved the place, so we all got dressed up for the second and hit a club with a real tree inside?! I usually stick to bodycon but this slip dress is fitted yet light, with pretty lace detail. It feels super chic and could be worn in a more retro way because the roses are so large (especially for the red version), or with nude heels and a topknot to be a little more modern. And I just saw you can get 30% off today code with hotlist30, sweet! I am literally stalking the Missguided site for the Nicole x Missguided preview tomorrow and hopefully most of it will find its way to my wardrobe! I love having an item with good memories and this dress will aways be my Portugal dress!

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