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December Mood Board

Hey y'all! So you might be wondering 'hmmm, I wonder how that gal got on with those style promises for November?' Well I'm right here to tell you and indeed my November mood board spurred me on for a fun month, style-wise. I decided against buying even more jeans as my current ripped pair only just poke out under my long camel coat. With 'trendy' items I would not buy more than one item, so I'll stay satisfied with the Topshop Jamie Jeans I have now, even if the rips are small. If you keep buying and buying, it makes you feel like you have less things!

I actually did add some blue to my curls but it has faded to a turquoise, which I don't mind but it literally. Won't. Go! Eight washes later and it remains... watch this space. For nails, I did go for a matte look and I haven't got bored, and I did buy those Missguided lace up heels when they came back into to stock, but the stiletto heels were SO high and spindly that one lean sideways and you would be in trouble. They were sadly returned!!

So for December, it is of course the old Christmas shenanigans of expensive nights out, work Christmas parties where you aren't quite sure what is 'appropriate' attire, and tricky New Year's Eve! However this year my friends and I have planned to party at home to avoid overpriced NYE and have one big night out for the festive season. I already have quite a few outfits I could wear that haven't had much of an outing this year! I am currently looking for a top to wear for my work Christmas party as I have a few options but don't fancy getting my midriff out with a crop top! Outfit-wise I'm just liking jeans and a simple turtle neck at the moment with my long camel coat, but I do think coats look great styled up like the outfits above with heels.

For hair, I still want to try a sleeker style, but I don't know if I have the right face shape! That or super curly while I have more blonde in my hair. I love blonde curls. For makeup, I want lots of lashes with a hint of gold shadow and a matte, statement red or berry lip. Any nude shades can be kicked into the new year as there's nothing like a bold lip at Christmas time!

I didn't include any nails because I just don't know what to go for next week. Maybe 'negative space' aka a portion left unpainted, and a glitter or metallic jewel colour. I really need to decide what I am definitely wearing for the month and I did pull out all of the options from my existing wardrobe, but will have another check across the shops before I decide there really is nothing out there I fancy buying!

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