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I've been having a rather interesting afternoon checking out this glorious hair tong that popped through my post box this week! Wider stylers are just not my bag as my hair has such a dry texture that it won't ever sit softly; it always has to be set in quite a tight curl. I would never brush out my curls either as that equals frizz-galore! So a new version of the conical wand definitely intrigued me as this Babyliss Diamond Waves offering promises shiny,sleek hair to tame any fuzz. The test begins!

The bubble wand means it creates not just curls but waves too, so the final result won't be a uniform row of spirals but a more assorted style of different curls. When I curled my hair after blow drying, I realised it creates the type of curl that you get when you use a hair straightener; it's not spiral, even curls but a naturally wavy curl with texture. The curls look great when started half way down your hair too, rather than a traditional wand that does look like a slightly more unnatural tube curl.

It's also that slick ceramic texture that adds even more shine, meaning you can pull your hair taught against the wand, rather than dragging and pulling it through straighteners. The temperature is 210 degrees too with the option of different settings (and heats up in 40 seconds - perfect for 7am pre-work styling!), so you get the power of straighteners. I don't think many people know you can get sleek results from a tong as you can tightly smooth your hair around the wand. I've seen people straighten their hair and then curl it back up, which you don't need to do! This isn't advertised with the wand but I also found it was super light; perfect for holiday packing.

With my frizz tamed today, I celebrated Mother's Day a day early with my family as my friend's wedding is tomorrow - my Athen's vlog is uploading as I type! Here's a quick OOTD I managed to persuade my brother to take, avec my Diamond Waves!

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