Living in Sweden

Saying goodbye to Sweden


Hi guys! It feels like a long time since my last post but it's only been a few days! So much has happened, I've moved back home to Birmingham in England from Sweden and have hopefully finished the main part of my Erasmus year. What a year! I hope you've enjoyed the posts from there, from rare but detailed shopping trips to Gothenburg, to gossip filled trips to Scandinavia and beyond. It's been so useful to have a recorded log of all my times and feelings, and so thank you for being there to share it with! It's all a bit up in the air at the moment as I did leave earlier than normal, but Swedish Unis have four terms and I completed my credits in the first three. As there's not a lot to do in the winter months, I couldn't face staying indoors doing nothing for two more months and I'd spend the time instead travelling to see other Erasmus friends, so I might as well go from home! Saying goodbyes was very hard though as all the people I've met live in different countries and continents, so it was the last time I'll probably see them again. Despite being a Leo, I did not want a huge hoo-ha and managed to say a quiet goodbye to all of the special people I've met and most of the faces I've know for this term or the year. 


The day was especially strange as it was the first sunny day literally since about September. The weather looked exactly like it did the very first day I arrived in August and from my window the clear sky stretches out forever. It took so long to clear out all my things and I left behind over 20 Elles, Glamours, and various others like a Pop and a stack of Looks. I also had a humongous box of toiletries as it was impossible to time everything so I used the last drop of shampoo on the last day or the last squeeze of face wash. I was so ruthless with my clothes and shoes and didn't bring back any towels or my hairdryer or sheets or basically anything that I could buy again. And still my cases wouldn't get under the 30kg mark and I paid £80 excess baggage fees!!!!!!! Painful!!! But by the time I'd carried over 40kgs, that included the excess and hand luggage, to Gothenburg and then on to the airport, I just accepted I had to pay; I'd whittled everything down so much!


I did however stress I would wear as much as I could to the airport and my good friend Chi documented it for me. I left half my wardrobe and text books with him so he'd better come visit me in England this summer! He kindly documented what I wore, which I chose as my heaviest items or things I could layer easily. First I had on a H&M ballerina style dress with stiff tulle underskirts and a Topshop purple long cardigan. Over the top I put my ASOS long-sleeved maxi dress but tied it at the waist in a big knot so I wasn't dragging it on the floor and getting caught in my case wheels! I also wore alll my necklaces and some thick shiny nylon/spandex leggings by Chelsea Rebelle with bows on the back and knee high Topshop wool socks over the top.


I put my red skater skirt underneath that I made as a fresher and a heavy Topshop 50's style cherry dress over, which I couldn't do all the way up by now!


Then I put my Monki sweater over the top of everything, which made me look pregnant and insane.


Then my Monki hoodie with pompoms went over and eventually my New Look swing coat, that by this time couldn't actually do up! From every angle I was bulked out and generally looked like a crazy bag lady. The sunny day turned out to be bad as I was very hot all the way to the airport, which took three hours, but never fear, I was quite comfy on the plane!

I came home to a big surprise that I'll share with you tomorrow, and I'll made a video too! I also want to do a big post wrapping up all the things I bought in Sweden and maybe all the things I've done if you're interested, but I can just keep it to the clothes! I do have plans in the next months hopefully but I'm putting all my efforts into great blog content and creating up-to-date posts always.

The last shopper

Am I allowed to make religious puns? Well it is Easter! And today was the last shopping trip to Gothenburg, sob sob. Well it's not sinking, I can return one day, but it is very sad. The end of an era! It almost was the end of all era's when I ended up a bit stranded on a motorway, but that's a different story!

So I rushed around doing errands all morning- you need SO many forms for Erasmus! And it's going to be a nightmare journey again with dreaded Ryan Air and some how getting through London with three cases at midnight. I just about made the bus that I'd planned to get just after lunch time and in an hour I was in a very busy Gothenburg. It reminded me why I always shop on weekday mornings because I was constantly dodging people and hovering on rails waiting for people to browse faster and generally going slowlyyy. All the schools are off of course! But despite H&M being a let down, I actually found the things I was looking for later! This never happens. I did try these H&M skirts but realised grey really isn't my colour.


Also Gina Tricot is really pushing the Miu Miu print rip-off; the shirt was cute but nothing special.


I headed to Weekday and found the leopard shoes I posted about! They didn't have my size out and I assumed they'd sold out, but on a whim I spotted an SA and she retrieved me a pair! Again, you can use Filippa's shopping service if you want Swedish stuff as I recommend these booties, they are so comfy! And they're roomy and don't feel high when on as they're really light. I thought the way they lace up might hit an unflattering part of the ankle but they're cut quite low so your legs don't look stumpy at all, and the peep toe is verrry small. I haven't worn peep toe in years! I was so surprised to actually find them that I took them to the counter straight away, and they were only about £45. They're canvas, and considering Weekday sells t-shirts for £20, that's really good! 


I also hovered over these Cheap Monday jeans because I always turn to trousers in Spring for some reason, and they looked seriously cute. Loads of people were trying them on though and I took a step back and though hmmm, if they weren't Cheap Monday I probably wouldn't be so attracted to the farmer vibe. Also all the changing rooms were full for ages, and Weekday have those weird mirrored cubicles where the doors are two feet off the ground and only come up to your neck, so you can see exactly who is in there and people can just walk past and look over the door! It's almost like you must be totally gorgeous and confident if you want to shop in Weekday. Shopping for jeans takes lots of trial and error so I decided to leave them, despite a cute SA asking if I needed help. I'm going to miss all these well dressed guys!! Also whenever people speak Swedish to me in shops (as in every time) and I say ah I'm sorry, can we speak English?, they always say 'ohhh, you look Swedish!'. And how do you look Swedish? Ditch the eyeliner, people! I don't wear any anymore and it's fabulous.


I also went to Bik Bok, Zara, Topshop, the other Weekday, three Monki's, Ahlens, and Din Sko. Sweden definitely does winter better than summer, I just didn't see anything exciting. If you're wondering, Gothenburg is right by rivers and it's a mix of old trams and massive new malls. It's not as traditional as I though it would be.


I popped into another H&M and found it to have much better Divided stock than in the main mall, and found a jacket I'd been looking for too! I'd asked an SA in the mall if they were sold out in-store as well as online, and she gave me a pitying look and said 'aww no, that jacket sold out', so I assumed it was loooong gone, but then found loads in the nearby H&M! It's like a mini biker jacket but in cream lace, I bet they're in the UK soon or now; I'll post it when I can take an outfit photo! 

I started feeling really sad in Monki as you just can't get the strange, over-sized cuts anywhere else in such crazy patterns. I wanted to buy up everything! But in the end again I got what I came for, a Monki teddy! You know their logo are these little Monki animals called 'Monki friends' and they have teddies all around the store with different faces and in different colours. I knew I wanted one since I first came here because it's the best memento of my year abroad and the great times I've had shopping in there with friends and even myself. Instead of sticking photos on the wall, I can always have the teddy in my room and it will represent the time when I could visit the best shop ever!  It really is an important Swedish shop! I wanted the pink one but I picked the one with the nicest face and it's called 'Oki' apparently! Thank god everything I bought today is really light, even the shoes, as tomorrow is packing D-Day. Will everything fit? Nope!

alert the press

Phew, my computer is back up and running! Or for now at least. It was touch and go after a few days of hitting the library for as many hours as possible and then finding any way to pass the time in the evening. But I hope it lasts all week as I come home on Saturday! That's insanely scary and I don't know where to begin to organise and tie everything up, but it's OK, there's time! Also time for one last Gothenburg trip, even though the £20 per kg excess baggage charge is inevitable and also very, very scary.

Luckily there's been some parties and some nights out recently so I feel I've done everything this term that I might have missed. On Friday there was a Spanish party in the sauna, well specifically the common room next to the sauna. As I only have classes around once a week, most of the time I don't even need to get dressed! So when there's an actual party that everyone will be at, it's a chance to get dressed up. My kind of dressed up is to choose a youtube makeup look, pick some false lashes, pump up the hair, and wear something I couldn't wear in the day but don't necessarily want to wear to a club.

This dress has such a history! There's a huge vintage warehouse in Birmingham now owned by Cow Vintage but before it was just the 'yellow vintage shop' due to the ambiguous yellow sign. I don't remember how I heard about it but I was there on the opening day in my college lunch break. Among the naff 80's tea dresses and musky polyester (the stock has improved immensely by now), I found a red strapless boned prom-style dress with a bow at the waist and a shirred back, so it was the perfect fit. It had a very light tutu underneath so it wasn't overly huge but it went in at the waist and out over the hips, so it was perfect! I remember it was priced only £12 and I had £10 cash on me and a £2 prize on a scratch card haha, but the owner sold it me for £10. I folded the hem under a few inches in random places and secured it with some simple tack stitches so it was a bubble dress, and I wore it to absolutely every club I could get into with my fake/borrowed ID. I was 17!

This was in 2006, and I was just getting into fashion and was a big ebayer, and back then there wasn't the trend communication that there is now. No,w if I have the urge to try or buy something, guaranteed I'll find some kind of inspiration on a blog somewhere or be able to find references or examples of it. But back then if I wanted a certain style or trend, there were no fashion networking sites like Lookbook and no blogs that I knew of or any street style sites. So I had the idea that a dress of a crazy fabric would be really cool and started trying to make my own clothes. When you're on a pre-student budget, i.e. in UK college/school, you have to be extra thrifty and every buy must be significant, so I got some comic strip fabric on eBay from America and haphazardly made the top part of the bustier. I traced out the shape including the sides and tacked it onto the red dress by just wrapping it round and sewing it at the back, either side of the zip. Then I took a red buttoned sash belt from another dress and sewed the skirt onto it just by bunching up and overlapping the fabric as I went around. So the skirt part of this dress actually comes off! It was a thrifty way to keep wearing my favourite red dress that fit so perfectly and get a new outfit on a student budget; I think the fabric and postage was about £7 in total.

I remember one night my cousin, who had just started studying in Birmingham and was a total rocker/goth, invited me to a rock club, and I wanted to wear this dress but the hem kept falling down. The last time I'd worn it to a club it had basically fallen apart on the dance floor, and I even blogged about it! Oh my God, that was January 2007! That post is sooo old, just look at the mirror shot! In a drastic move, I just took some scissors to the bottom of the dress, and as you always do, I cut it shorter than I would have liked. Later I was really cut up about it because I felt I'd ruined a perfect vintage find by altering the length permanently and clumsily.  But that was so long ago, and I wore the modified dress to lots few places! I still go to the rock club so it's especially suited to there and always gets loads of comments. I remember wearing it with a chunky fake gold chain when nu rave came into fashion. I also wore it in my fresher's week in 2007 and then on one night out in 2008 on a whim. I remember after a few months of being at uni I felt my super long, ringletted hair was really brash and childish and the dress was just too bright and attention grabbing. I was a bit insecure and felt that I didn't look good enough to attract that attention, or that it just clashed with my equally attention grabbing and different hair. But that was a long time ago and in 2008 I wore it again when I started to style my hair like I do now, but it was much longer. I really want to grow my hair again this summer though! I've left those previous insecurities behind and actually my sister started wearing this dress for the past year. I also made one of bright purple fabric covered in rainbow numbers, it was so crazy! She started wearing that one too but ripped it at a club!

But when I came home for Christmas I nicked the dress back off my sister as I knew it would be perfect for the flat parties that happen here. I probably wouldn't wear it to a club now as I usually wear body-con dresses out and I feel a bit old for it now. But it's the kind of thing I'd wear on a whim, and Friday for the Spanish party was an opportune moment. I even accompanied it with rainbow eyes! I went down to the party with some people from my floor, and you know when someone will say 'oh... you're wearing ----...', but it's not actually a compliment, it's just a comment hiding their surprised or other reaction? Well the people were like 'oh... you're a comic...!' haha. But the red sash in the centre is quite tight now so I felt really pulled in at the waist and puffed out in the skirt, so I felt really cool! In the end the party was pitch black because the lights were off the entire time but it didn't matter. As usual everyone else was in normal day clothes anyway but I myself took great pleasure in wearing a piece that is quite historical to me, or at least my style. It's the only thing that I can say I made myself! I like even more that it's held together with safety pins and the hem is incredibly wavy and wonky because it signifies a time when I was just getting into fashion and really dressed truly to my own tastes and impulses, and I was so young and carefree, it was the best time!

hubbly bubbly pink

Bit of a random post with a few outfits I snapped for no purpose at all! Remember that photo shoot I had to do a while ago and I was going to go all cute and kawaii? Well I finally got time in the studio and saw one of my flatmates at the bus stop and realised she has a veeery photogenic face, great for makeup! So now it's going kind of Pocahontas-y. I can't think of any native american style editorials in the past though ever so I'll have to improvise. This outfit was from a Mexican Party, literally the only party this term, that was so busy that when we got there you couldn't even get into the room. You just sort of had to stand behind the crowd in the doorway and slowly get emerged deeper into the room. It was OK but I knew it wouldn't be anything spesh as sometimes parties here are a bit of a popularity contest and students are really obsessed with really old indie songs like The Killers or White Stripes and it's a bit cringey! Also because alcohol can only be bought in one shop that closes at 2 on a Saturday, most people have little so will just try to drunkenly grab yours! So I wasn't really bothered about wearing anything exciting and made one of those choices where you lay out any random items that are OK and then pick some from there that go together. Hence I wore a New Look lace top with a H&M black skirt that are only £3,Claire's Accessories heart tights and Schuh velvet flats. And I had to wear fake eyelashes because heartbreakingly I must have lost my recent regular mascara, the pink Rimmel one that Lily Cole advertised, and then left my second Gosh go-to out of my plastic airport security sandwich bag when I got ready the morning of my last flight. So I only have a really old Bourjois one that has totally ran out and dried up and does basically nothing. I've been surviving on bright lipstick instead.

I would wear this Monki sweat shirt top forever but I fear people might judge me haha. My plan is to wear AS MANY ITEMS OF CLOTHING AS POSSIBLE to the airport when I leave in two weeks, as Ryan Air are so strict and I have a lot of stuff. This probably means as many pairs of sheer tights as possible all layered up with leggings over the top, heavy docs, all my thin tight skirts with tutu and flared skirts over the top, strappy tops, tshirts, jumpers, sweaters, hoodies and a coat and scarf. Once I get through security checks I'll strip off a few hundred layers and put them in hand luggage, yesss it's a plan stan. Would it be bad if I tied tights around my waist under my clothes? Or stuffed my sleeves with socks? Desperate times people!! Ooooh I could wear allll my accessories too! After all I probably weight a bit less than the average passenger so can afford to make it up with a couple more items. I really want one last shopping trip to Gothenburg but can't fit anymore stuff in my cases!

Hey ho for including all random outfit snaps as I don't even remember wearing this! I think it was one of the first days back and I'd done my hair how I used to when I slept with it all pin curled so it's extra curly. I'll wait until it's a bit longer to go back to that, I'm growing it this summer! I wore a random Miss Selfrigde boob tube dress thing that I bought a few hours before my birthday night out, a H&M crop tee, Henry Holland alphabet tights, and purple docs.

Now I must get back to finishing  a report, but I can say my working life has changed dramatically because of one little thing! I realised I can work and work throughout the day when it's light, but as soon as you make dinner and go back to your laptop when it's dark, it's reeeally hard to work! So I spend the morning and afternoon thinking 'Oh, I'll be done in an hour, and I'll just fill in that form I meant to and reply to that email,' and then the more you do, the faster you can stop and relax all evening, or in my case catch up on blogs. So next year in my final Manchester year I'm thinking of spending all day, every day in the library and then having evenings free, to limit insanity or all-nighters when an essay is due.

I'll probably have a little dramatic cry in the airport but I'm quite excited to go home and carry on with the rest of my life! And since I gave my brother my old bedroom and spent the past few years in the spare room, my Mom finallllly organised painting it and she sent me this pic and message yesterday...

>Well it's sugar mouse pink, sherbert pink soda pink and chewed up
> hubbly bubbly pink . I hope yr gonna like it and we need to shop for a
> nice vintage dressing table ! X

Ahh it looks like the perfect pink, you did good Mom!! OK back to the project from hell, only one week to go, must... carry... on...!

Mius, shoes, and substitute socks


A beautiful day in snowy Sweden!

Anyway, did you watch the live stream of the Miu Miu AW10 show? I held my breath after the first stumble but the cut-outs reign on! I posted my lustings over the SS10 collection last week and despite being a few weeks behind on my Google Reader, it seems the blogging world has developed an intense love too. An INTENSE love. Every time I see bits of the collection pop up here, there, and everywhere, I start to get a little crazy. The collection is scarily good. I might have found a happy substitute though, along the theme of yesterday's post... Thank you for all your thoughtful and interesting comments! Seems you only live once but should still have self restraint in your back pocket.

Lucky Alexa Chung tweeted 'Congrats Miu Miu, you've created the perfect shoe.' Not all of her followers agreed (are you blind?) but if Alexa can get hold of them, can I?

'The Miu Mix' has got to be one of the most stunning editorials of the season, and another reason to buy Abbey Lee's pink streaked cover of Australian Vogue March 2010. The model Samantha Harris is SO GORGEOUS. Those lips, those eyebrows, that skin! Check her out in the TV campaign on I Like Tweet, thanks for putting a name to a face Clare! Pics from tfs. I have no idea where to buy international Vogues now Borders has gone hmmmmm. Any ideas Brummies?


And then there's British Vogue's nod to pin up in their April issue, with the editorial 'Private Dancer'. Love the trendy side plait but without a parting, but not so inspired by the sequined granny pants; a bit last year? They feature some of the SS10 shoes though, and they look unbelievably good. The shoes attract me so much because they look sturdy. We know the Miu Mius I own will break if you tap them! But this time they look so chunky that you could navigate cobbles and stairs quite easily. Pics from Fashion Gone Rogue.


Today I finished a report at lunch and then paid rent in the bank and returned something to H&M. I popped into good old Gina Tricot and happened to spot these socks in the boxes in front of the tills. Oh my, oh wow, straight away I thought 'Miu Miu!!!!!'. If I can't get the shoes (heck, since when did I have £360 to spare!), I will pay some sort of homage to them on my feet anyway!


To return to the Luella debate, they're obviously inspired by Miu Miu but I think it's quite a nice idea to make the print into socks. They seem the perfect pair to wear with bare legs, sandal wedges, and vintage dresses in the summer without looking too twee. And I must add, I've been getting lots of emails throughout the year about buying Swedish things for people, and while I'd like to do that, it's impossible to get to the post office. It's a miles walk away up and down hills, through a forest and over a bridge, and with the snow and ice it would be even more impossible. Plus I have no idea of the postage and tracking system here. Sorry guys!

Also I've been meaning to say for days, I found myself on ASOS!! This photo must have been taken by the lady who said she was from Elle, maybe she changed clients, as I think this is the photo taken near the Hilton just before I got a cab up to Victoria House. I'm so pleased to find an actual full outfit photo from London Fashion Week!! The shoes are cut off but at least you can see everything else and it's obviously a good camera as I don't look this in tune usually. You know photos on the posher street style blogs always seem to capture people whose colours always seem to work together? Like the Sart always does closeups of colours and textures, and I always think wow, that person is so organised and pristine and must have spent ages picking out the perfect colour combinations. But really, it's just the camera!! And I was carry a mess of invites and maps until the lady held them during the photo haha. To think I saw this coat so many times during last term and only really considered buying it when it was in the sale. And now it's one of my favourites!

why all the frills?


I was tempted to title this post 'Why all the crap?' but it sounded quite crude! But it's been brought to my attention lately that this year I've really indulged in frivolous things. I'm starting to get really nervous about packing all my things up as I'm sure I'll be over the flight weight limit. Weight isn't even the worry, it's fitting everything into two suitcases! I'm not sure that's accomplishable right now and I won't be able to take home the mementos I've collected or any beauty products that could be re-bought. What a waste! But with each time I came back to Sweden, my tables and shelves got heavier.

If I compared my spending to last year, my second year in Manchester, I spent more on clothes from the high street, mainly from H&M or on bigger shopping trips, I went out more, ate out more, maybe bought a newspaper or magazine on the weekend, I went home often so bought presents and went on those nights out. Generally they were lifestyle spends. But this year things are different because there are price shifts. I feel bad every time I food shop because things are insanely expensive, so that feels like an overspend each time I eat! It was the same in the first term when I had to buy a hairdryer and pens and hairspray and found there was no choice, and what was on offer was really pricey. I spent £15 on hair serum once?! So I can narrow down my purchases to food, going to the one club maybe once a month now (almost every week last term), and then that one trip to Gothenburg I had this term. There's no worse feeling than when you have money worries and I'm determined not to fall into that, so I've been watching what I spend carefully this term and it struck me how most of my outside purchases have been on random, almost useless things. By these I mean cute things. If you've read here for a while, have you noticed this? An influx of cuteness in recent months?


This is slightly planned because a while ago I made a vow to have a better life. A better aesthetic life. I have gossip threads on Facebook with my friend abroad and at one point we joked that we'd just forget our life dramas and concentrate on achieving the perfect hairstyle. Have you seen sometimes on blogs there are 'what's in your bag' posts, and the blogger always has a cute little mirror and maybe a designer purse and a nicely patterned umbrella and a few choice, expensive items in a cute little makeup bag? Does it make you think of your bag with your three year old purse stuffed with receipts, a mangled bus pass lurking at the bottom, half a munched cereal bar, and maybe a Superdrug £3 umbrella a few spikes short of shelter? Well I know I thought of the latter! It felt like I always had a boring biro in lectures and made do with a Sainsbury's own body lotion. Boring!


So I made a little vow to start thinking about purchases more and investing in something more memorable. I found that if I ever plumped for a high street mascara, for example, that I'd always go back to the amazing designer one, even though it was £15 more and eyelashes are such a small part of yourself! Surely if you have nicer things, you look after them more and they last longer anyway? And also doesn't it make you feel that bit better when you buy a really cute revision notebook? Don't you feel that little bit more inclined to revise?

I've also developed a love of Tumblrs after finding out you can subscribe on Google Reader. There's a constant pop up of high quality, bright photographs of makeup, accessories, nails, or bedrooms that just fill you with the need to have sparkly, special things in your life. I've always almost prided myself on the fact that I love fashion but everything else I'm not really material about. I didn't need a cool phone or suitcase or bedroom. I gave my brother my old basement bedroom and spent last year in the brown and green spare room, but I'm returning now to a pink room, woohoo! I've been onto my Mom for ages to paint the room because it just seems life is better when you surround yourself with an excess of adorable things in a nice environment. But is it?


Last year I did develop a sudden love of everything pink and girly, but that was mainly clothes. Remember I bought girly shoes and pink trousers? And coming to Sweden was a real chance to nurture that. If I'd gone to a lecture in Manchester with 200 cool, young women, wearing heart print tights and a Hello Kitty hair clip, well, subconsciously I don't think I ever even would have! There's a pressure to look more sophisticated than that. But here there are people from all over the world and an absence of strong Western, or at least British, culture. I was entering a place, or an entirely different country, where no one knew me, so it was freedom to wear what I liked and be who I liked. Yes there were many English girls last term, but we were all from different places and studying different things too. I had all my Taiwanese friends too who were extra cute, so it was quite natural to embrace this side of my likes and be extra girly.


But I started to wonder if I'd just replaced my normal purchases that I would make in England, with anything cute available. For example, last week I had an awful lecture day which involved a 'factory' using lego bricks, where the class was in two teams and had to change up the logistics and supply chain to produce lego cars faster. Sure I get the message but at this age and stage in my education, I'd rather read about techniques in a journal or something! And people in my class were very, veeery enthusiastic and thirsty to win. I think I let my team down with my unenthusiastic attitude five hours into our game but really it was painful! So if I were in Manchester (not that we would do that at Manchester!), I probably would have hit the high street for a relaxing browse at all the new things (not necessarily buying) or maybe picked up something nice for dinner or a magazine. But on the bus home from class here in Sweden I thought argh hated today, hmmm do I need any food? And I realised how I had to use buying food as a possible treat to brighten up the day. Not necessarily to eat (although I have consumed a worrying amount of biscuits recently), but just to buy something. A purchase almost means a new things to enrich your life with, a new thing that belongs to you and you use for enjoyment or fulfillment or improvement. Some nice new food would mean something tasty and a fuller fridge so more options the next day and generally picking familiar brands and treats that were an out-of-the-ordinary purchase.


I think everyone uses food as treats, but if I wasn't buying food, here in Sweden I've cultivated a new comfort area. I've made my bedroom here, my one place in the whole country that's my own and safe and has access to my family and friends at home, into a cave of cute. Each time I went home I brought back more eyelashes and nail varnish with me, almost to make my life a little more colourful and glamourous over here. On my first few days of this term when I came back after the lovely Christmas holidays, I went to see what was new in the shops and bought a hair bow, kid's Hello Kitty hair clips, and some overly frilly knickers. I also went into the Make Up Store and bought a glitter eyeliner. There was absolutely no need for it because I own a perfectly good glitter liner from Urban Decay that I barely use, there are a million other products that I could have bought and had more use out of, I have an excess of makeup, and, also, I didn't even know if the glitter suited me and hadn't got a night out planned to wear it anyway!! But the glitter was so shimmery and lovely, just the right kind of hologram glitter that reflects a rainbow of colours, that I just bought it for about £14. £14 on glitter?

I walked out the shop and thought why the hell did I just buy that, but maybe it was the ultimate hit. A cute, glamourous little thing that wasn't scary and was guaranteed to make you feel prettier and your makeup collection look nicer. But I didn't need it, I could function and survive without it. Well, we only need water and air right? So maybe in Sweden all these cute things are just comfort. It's my way of showing there's fun and glamour in my life, as Sweden can be pretty calm and dull, or especially where I live can . I wanted to order some heart print tights from ASOS and ended up throwing in some sale lip glosses, a bath set, the heart bag from a few posts down, and some leopard print courts into the basket, although they sadly didn't fit (boo!). Collecting the package was quite distressing and the content possibly didn't cancel that out as I had to trek across snow and ice to a post office two miles away and then carry a typically huuuuge ASOS box all the way back, but ordering new, pink things all contributed to making my life a bit sweeter.

Then again, aren't we all after things like this? We buy nice things not because we need them, but because they make our lives that little bit better, or at least we feel they do for some time period. I mentioned before that in London I met a girl who was on the programme Snog, Marry, Avoid, and if you're not British, that's a programme that 'make-under's (instead of a make-over) girls who wear an insane, and sometimes disgusting, amount of makeup, fake lashes, fake hair, fake nails, and go out in thongs and bras. One girl wrapped a bit of black duct tape around her boobs as a top! Haha you can find it on Youtube. But my friend's housemate's friend who was on the show was a stripper (no judgment here) so she has a lot of money to spend on the finer things. Hats off to her, she had an insane saving account too, but her and her stripper friend had incredible LV and YSL clutches and amazing clothes and phones covered in Swarovski crystals. They'd almost perfected every part of their life, or at least their aesthetic life, and made everything that bit more fabulous. They were totally the inspiration when I covered my new phone in Paperchase stickers!


Does it make you seem more interesting if you own interesting things? For instance the international students on my floor say I wear 'party clothes' all the time. In fact the other day one girl said 'why are you wearing these clothes, they're so big!?!' I was like whaaat? Have all these biscuits made a difference?! But she said 'your clothes is sooo big, you should wear something to show your figure!'. She is Thai and maybe that's an example of the difference between manners in cultures as I would never pick out someone else's clothes, not that she meant it in a mean way at all, but she said it because I was wearing my oversized Monki dress, which I happen to love! But did it make it wrong that I wasn't all dressed up in my usual tights and flirty skirt combo? Was I a worse version of myself? That's also an example of why I'm getting a bit exasperated with not being able to get just some toast in peace without running into a nice Spaniard (while being makeup-less and having just woke up, eek!) or another exchange student picking out what you're cooking, what you're wearing, what time you woke up. I swear one Indonesian girl yesterday was like 'Oooh Selina, did you just wake up?? Or are you sick?? You look sick! Yes your eyes look sick, are you sick??'  in front of everyone, I was like argh, I just woke up, I just want to get a drink, can I do that without the third degree! Haha at 20 years old, I can't live in student accommodation anymore I swear!


But back to the topic at hand, does buying an excess of 'things' mean you have an underlying addiction or insecurity, or you just want to invest in better things? Maybe a casing point is when I was about to get the first flight to Germany when I came back to Sweden a couple of weeks ago after fashion week. I knew I had a long, boring and tiring day ahead, I really wasn't keen to come back to nothing but work and snow, and I was thinking about missing my friends and guys and I'd had a great week with my Mom and brothers. So is there a reason that I hit the Claire's Accessories concession in duty free and bought a Coca-Cola flavoured lip balm, some heart print leggings, Hello Kitty false nails, and a Hello Kitty bag destined to house my phone. One sort of practical purchase, the rest totally random.

Marie Antoinette had a fine life; was she just making up for her Queenly loneliness with pretty things? It's not a secret that this term in Sweden has been boring and uneventful, but just looking at my fake lashes and extensive Dazzle Dust collection reminds me that I have had fabulous times before and I do have plenty of friends and amazing nights out ahead.


So next year in Manchester when I return to finish my degree, will I continue buying hair bows and glitter? Or will I most likely be buying more sophisticated things for the 21 year old woman that I will be? Maybe all this cuteness just an aversion to a static environment or mood. Do you buy cute things? And is it because you want a cute life or your life is cute?


When's the date, mr leopard?

I'm trying to curb my spending as I've got far enough clothes to sustain me for a few years before they literally start falling off my back! And you have to ask yourself, do you need more than that? So if there's something especially attractive that I keep thinking about, I know it's worth buying as I'll actually wear it. One such thing are some leopard print lace-up wedges from Weekday. I should never have formed an undying love with Swedish shops because I have to love them and leave them so soon, but Elisabeth of Thrills and Frills posted the Weekday SS10 lookbook and the shoes jumped out straight away. I'm not really a shoe person but these would transcend seasons to come and look good with everything. Gothenburg is far away so I rang up the two stores on Skype to find if the shoes have arrived yet. This was last week and I've been ringing ever since, so hopefully they're not too annoyed by the girl that starts with 'Hiii, um, can you speak English, is that OK??? I need shoes!' Well it's not quite like that, but that's the gist. They have deliveries each day so I'm hoping they'll come in soon! I'll be straight down there when they do, the last wedge boots sold out so fast! These are very Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony right?

I think I'll save them for England though because the blanket of snow has now become the blanket of ice; my tail bone has never seen so much ground! So embarrassing! I went to a Mexican party in flats and we were contemplating how to get up an ice hill when a random passer-by suggested walking across the snow instead of the path. I ended up knee deep! 

The luckiest shopping day in history - Part Two!

If you're reading directly from the blog, check out part one below first! Thanks for all the overnight comments guys, I guess I never considered why I document a shopping trip but it's a rare occurrence nowadays!

So I stopped when I'd just got a lipstick and then left the main mall and went to some of the smaller ones on the streets. I crossed the tram line and the river about ten seconds outside and went into Zara. I knew that if I wrapped up for the snow I'd be so hot in the shops and I was right! I was wearing a jumper but took that off- and I'd actually worn my oversized Monki tshirt because it's easy to whip off in a changing room haha! The Zara store is a decent size and had a large sale section with a huge mound of tops and general leftovers and rejects of the sale. Shoppers were thumbing rails in a busy frenzy so I just looked across and right there were two more furs! I've said how I was hunting shaggy furs on eBay in the past week and then suddenly I see two! What's more, I happened to find three furs in different colours and styles, so I could choose the optimum! 

I will do a separate post for these as I need some help deciding which to keep, but here's the overview. The first two are the Zara furs, which were the only ones in the store and in my size??!! The first was reduced from about £40 to £10 and is cropped but quite puffy, but the fur is a duller white which is more versatile. The second is a looong black gillet which is seriously warm but sleeveless, and I don't wear sleeves too much! I took that to the till and found out the price was £10 reduced from £60, so I bought it too!

SNV83465 SNV83470

The last is the H&M coat, which is a brighter white and very shaggy, so makes the most impact! Argh I can't decide!!! If the H&M one was in black I would go for that, but I do like white and it's not that much crazier, I mean it's only white! A short fur jacket would be much safer too and I just feel like they might look a bit crazy-lady ish? Not sure? I don't think I'd wear these with a guy, put it that way, and that's sometimes my deal breaker. But then again, I don't want to dress for guys! Ah I'm still thinking about it. What do you think? I'm only going to keep one!


I also picked up this umbrella reduced from about £15 to £5 with skeletons and stars on! By now I had quite a few bags and the furs were bulky so it was getting a bit hard to get around! I popped into Mango but I think their merchandising is terrible and therefore didn't see anything calling out, so I set off for Topshop. Because these shops were all in the same mini mall, I was just walking through on the path straight to Topshop and just so happened to catch sight of a small, full-length window with some designer goods inside. I did a double take and walked back to peek at the Marc by Marc and See by Chloe. The shop was a tiny boutique-y place with embellished rails and sparkles all over the place; there was a lot of Juicy Couture! I happened to look in the doorway and saw a REALLY strange sign: '18th Amendment, 500kr.' Now this is possible the WEIRDEST thing ever because I have been searching for these jeans for the past three years! Here's the proof of when I first spotted them in the weekend Guardian on 20th January 2007!!!!!! I wrote about them when I used to blog from LiveJournal?!

18th Amendment are an Australian brand that made vintage inspired jeans named after silver screen icons, and if you've followed my blog for a while you'll know I love the film Dazed and Confused, and have a special penchant for 70's super-tight, high-waisted flared jeans. I just love the way that era was so new and nonconformist, and the fashion styles were major statements but done in such a cool, casual way. And high-waisted jeans feel amazingly good! They make your legs look so long and require high heels or wedges, but of course they cover your legs. So you feel super sexy but are still all covered so it's not too much! What's makes it EXTRA strange is that in 2009 I went on a shopping trip to finally hunt the perfect high-waisted flared jeans, as I'd only ever found skinny styles, and found a pretty good French Connection pair, but they still weren't high waisted enough. I have a long torso and small waist so anything usually deemed high-waisted really isn't. When I say high-waisted, I want something actually right up to my waist, not just above my hips! The thing that makes this weird is that on the day I was looking for the perfect jeans that I'd been hunting forever, I looked online at who stocked 18th Amendment as I'd always remembered them as looking perfect. I found the Manchester designer store Flannels stocked the brand, and they told me they'd gone to their outlet store in the Northern Quarter. I went there and tried on a pair, but they didn't fit so I deemed the brand as unsuitable for me. And that's the day I browsed around the rest of the outlet warehouse and found my super cheap and equally fateful Miu Miu shoes!!! So 18th Amendment have already lead me to great things, and it was SO strange to see them in a random boutique in Gothenburg in Sweden?!

I went inside the shop and saw they had three different styles, one being the Bacall 'True  High Waist, Wide Straight Leg' style in 'Heartbreaker' so they have HEART SHAPED POCKETS!! I actually said in my 2007 LiveJournal post about this style: 'They are perfection. If only I had £185. IF ONLY!' Well today they happened to be in front of me and 2799kr down to 500kr, which is about £240 to £45!!!! They had a small changing room with a purple velvet fringed curtain that didn't even pull all the way across but I threw off my velvet leggings (see I truly wear them constantly!) and they are an AMAZING fit! Reeeally high-waisted and the perfect colour. They're of course miles too long but I'll get them taken up in England in two weeks and will wear them with platform wedges!! They're actually the best purchase in history! And it was SO lucky that I actually happened to glance right at a window when I was daydreaming straight on the path to Topshop!


The sales assistant was throwing a spin on the jeans but I knew I was going to get them as soon as I put them on! I'm a bit cautious as I consciously put on a bit of weight over Christmas as I was fed up of being bony, and so I'll have to try and keep this weight constant! Nothing major, I just don't think I was really eating enough. When food is so expensive, you're not keen on using up lots of it!

By now I had looots of bags haha, people kept looking at me strangely! I did hit Topshop but they add a third of the price, and TS isn't exactly value for money anyway. Everything I looked at was just a bit insane. They do have a large Beyond Retro section though, here you can see their signature tutus! If you're ever in Gothenburg and are wondering where all the cool dressers and hot guys are, they're all browsing BR!

SNV83493 SNV83495

I walked into the store and saw this bow print crop top right away but this face shows what I thought about the £30 price tag. Really that much for a little bit of printed cotton? And this skirt was nearing £50!  Just really ridiculous.

SNV83479 SNV83489

I was feeling a bit worried that I was adding a lot of new things to my full wardrobe, but I went onto BikBok and browsed their great sale! There was nothing I wanted though, but I did pick up these three necklaces on their '3 for 50kr' sale, which is less than a fiver! I might save them for birthday presents if I don't wear them myself!


I was excited for Weekday but it was actually really bad! They had a huge sale on Cheap Monday but I wasn't looking for anymore jeans, although I've never tried CM, what's their fit like? Swedish girls look really great with their super slim legs and small hips, so their tight jeans with high boots look quite subtle but really cool, but my shape isn't like that so I wouldn't be able to get the effect! Weekday didn't seem to have any stock in, and what they did have was just random and boring, like they're trying too hard to be cool. I think this Cheap Monday dress was very strange, the black bits were almost like duct tape!


It was nearing four hours of shopping now, so I wrapped it up by picking up these boots in H&M for around £20. They were literally the only boots I found that were OK for snow and cheap enough. I'll take off the buckle because it looks a bit tacky, but I still don't particularly love them. Maybe I'll look in the shoe shops here before I wear them.


As I was getting some lunch/tea, I found there's ANOTHER Monki too! So there's actually three in Gothenburg! They had a much bigger sale section but I didn't see anything better than what I'd already got. I made my way to the station and hopped on the next train with an English Cosmo, but slept all the way back! And so that was my big shopping day, making me not want to shop again for a good few months! My purchases are all in their bags waiting to be worn, and I'll return some furs next week when I got to Gothenburg via Copenhagen. I'll do separate posts for the jeans and coats as I'd love your opinion on which to choose!

The luckiest shopping day in history - Part One!

I am SO glad I spent a few weeks putting off a shopping trip to Gothenburg because I swear today yesterday was the most fateful day ever! And remember the day I found my Miu Miu shoes for half price plus another £70 off just in my size? Well I think I beat that!! 

I've been planning to go to Gothenburg since I got back here because there's only a poor H&M and a few Gina Tricots in this town, and I end up going there out of boredom and buying things that are completely random and make me feel guilty! And shopping should never be guilty. My Mom never scolded me for shopping so I don't understand people who feel like you shouldn't ever be spending or treating yourself. If you only shop on the cheap in sales, your wardrobe might be larger but it's quality over quantity! The student loans are just in and the sales are nearly ending, so I thought a blow-out trip would be perfect right now and I've been feeling a bit disheartened in the past few weeks. Maybe it's hormonal but all the snow and the darkness means days close you inside and my new classes have been a bit stressful. The photo shoot for Photography class did not happen thanks to the terrible teacher, but that's another story! Also there's a hole where all my friends last term were and there's been fewer parties or general activities. And there's been a few other worries, and you know it's bad when two different people randomly ask why you look so sad. Ahh I don't know.

Today was the first day that I'd done everything urgent and had a few days off classes... 

OK I wrote all that last night but was falling asleep on my keyboard! I wish I'd done this post then because I just slipped in the kitchen and have the biggest headache and a lump good enough for Loony Tunes on my head! The sink leaks big puddles of water sometimes and on my way out I fell in the doorway and hit just about every angle of my body on every surface available- they're going to be some nice bruises!! What is with me lately, things are just going wrong!

SO I went to Gothenburg yesterday, which seems like ten weeks ago! I'm knackered! But yesterday I prepared everything the night before and got up early to jump on the bus. An hour of Swedish radio later and I was off into the busy city. Now I'm never really great with sales, I'm just not that excited about a bargain. My thinking is that if the item is that great, you would have had no problem paying full price! And sales are always so messy and filled with polyester and dodgy colours, and I just end up picking up all the dropped items and hanging them over the rails because once you've been a sales assistant you never forget it! But all the things I found were things I'd already been thinking about, so it's just luck! I walked to the main mall Nordstan that has the biggest H&M, the one that stocked Jimmy Choo. They randomly have an Accessorize so I popped in and picked up some JELLY stickers to make my Sweden log book prettier, and two child size rings that were fantastically plastic! My log book is part of my study requirements by the way, it's actually kind of annoying to need to write 'dear diary' every day. A good thing to look back on though! The stickers were 70% off too, so they were dirt cheap, and the rings were about £2 each. I was putting off shopping because I really don't have any money this term and I just booked some flights to England for £179, ouch. To give some examples, you won't get a loaf of bread here for under about £1.50 and toothpaste is beyond £3. You know it's bad when you buy bread, juice and some toothpaste and you've spent nearly a tenner! So I thought if I just got some stickers and little rings, at least I'd go home with a nice treat! Little did I know what else I would find...!


I didn't quite see anything great among the new stuff in H&M, it felt like the best things hadn't landed yet. I found some really random things to try on though! This is why I always shop alone, there's no one to waver your judgement. You can try out whatever style you like and take as much time as possible! 

The first strange happening of the day was that in the past week, I've had a sudden but very strong urge for fur. I'm fed up of wearing an outfit-concealing coat and after a month of wear, they always feel a bit old and dishevelled. So I thought a fur jacket would be perfect to layer up for the cold weather but also be fabulous for fashion weeks! And I love shaggy fur at the moment, I got a mongolian crimped  fur bag from River Island but it sheds EVERYWHERE. I've been hunting coats on eBay but the long delivery times have held me back from bidding. I was watching around ten fur coats, mostly white, and was SO close to bidding on this H&M jacket (is that a picture of a fashion blogger?). Seriously I was having a debate with myself on whether I'd be gutted if it was bought out beneath me or if £50 was too much of a gamble for an item you've never seen in the flesh. There was only a tiny sale section upstairs at the back of the H&M store and incredibly randomly there were three of that exact jacket in my size on the rail?!?!?!?! For less than £20! Not only have I never seen the coat in store, I've never seen it advertised or on a fashion blog, so it was the strangest thing ever!! I picked one up to try on along with some super cheap drainpipe trousers that didn't fit, and ended up buying it!


I wish I'd got the nude tutu skirt because I've had the black one for years and have worn it so much, it's looking a little worse for wear! Maybe I'll save an eBay search for one as I know I wear these skirts. They had a few hot pink ones in the store and I was tempted by them but something made me put it back. It's not really progressing your style if you buy something you've known for years I guess? Actually I stole that black skirt from my sister hehehe thanks Chloe!


I made myself choose only one skirt and settled on this gingham high waisted mini skirt. I've seen them in the store before but it's the perfect fit and I can check gingham off my Spring lusting-list (more of the list to come btw!). I have nothing else blue apart from my little playsuit which I love, so maybe it's time to consider this colour more! I'll wear the skirt in the summer with knee high socks but if I don't wear the skirt within a month then I'll return it. By the time the warmer weather comes, I probably won't be excited to wear it! A great shopping tip is to keep your new purchases in the bags they came in with the tags still on and the receipts inside. Once you see them in your room everyday the magic wears off and if you haven't even taken something out the bag to wear in the first weeks, then you know you should take it back. And it's all perfect to return straight back to the shop! You know what it's like when you try things on and remove the tags, then think back and realise you've never worn it! I totally have things in my wardrobe I've never worn out- so shameful.


I was also browsing the accessories and my eyes lit up for these heart print tights. They're just perfect! A great denier and unashamedly bright white and red. Would they be good with my Miu Mius?? Then I happened to pick up this headband in the sale section and found it was Sonia Rykiel?! I didn't know there were hair bows in her underwear line?! How did I not know. It was less than a fiver so I scooped that up too.

I recently found there's a Monki in the main mall! I spotted it on the floor map after Jimmy Choo and it's hidden upstairs among random cheapie shops. If I had one blogging wish, I would bring every one of you to a Monki store. It is just the best shop ever. I had the scariest thought the other day. In a few months I won't live in Sweden anymore and then I won't be able to shop here anymore. Next season I won't be able to get my hands on the clothes. That is actually very scary and makes me feel quite sick!


I love Monki because it doesn't provide clothes to make you look good. If you think about Topshop, the majority of things in there fit the purpose of being flattering and attractive. But in Monki they don't care about making your body look good, they just want you to feel good and have your clothes bring a smile to your face!

SNV83453 SNV83454
The shop is laid out so well too, I love the merchandising. There's few sizes out but always just enough, and they do have running themes but each item is totally unique to it's neighbour so it takes a long time to browse. Things are so unexpected!

SNV83422 SNV83423 

Like these rainbow tights! How happy would you feel just wearing these watching TV? I really like the soft checked top too, I love purple and yellow rainbows.

SNV83424 SNV83425 

I did actually have some shoes on my list to buy because my over-the-knee boots have a small piece of the wedge missing in the sole. This doesn't let water in but they're obviously on their last legs so I need a back up! These wedges intrigued me though as they had all the makings of a great shoe- patent and leather, a platform wedge, bandages, ankle high - but were a bit too orthopedic for me! Here's a pastel version of the rainbow shirt which I love! Looking back at these photos, I'd consider buying it! Something strange has happened since I've been spending so much time indoors- I'm actually liking comfortable clothes! My friend ChiChi is alway saying I wear 'party clothes' (he used to say 'clotheses' haha!) but lately I've been waking up, putting on some mascara, some leggings and maybe just a big tshirt or a cardigan. Hence the purchase below!

SNV83449 SNV83451

I'm liking the thought of a shirt buttoned right to the top, maybe with a high waisted skater skirt or really tight low slung skinny jeans and wedges. This cropped shift intrigued me so I tried the black version below. They've got a few red sailor-style things in for the new season which are right up my street, but I realised I can't buy dresses anymore.

SNV83458 SNV83452 

I really like this nautical dress and could imagine wearing it to any and every occasion with maybe some white tights or just flats and a cute chain bag, but I can't justify buying something you can only wear one way anymore. Like I used to only wear dresses, but now I feel like it would always be the same outfit and that seems kind of lazy? I'm not sure how to explain it, it just seems a bit wrong to buy such a one dimensional thing? Like I would just use it as a fall-back outfit? Ah I'm not sure, maybe that's stupid and I'm resisting a dress that's great but a bit out of my budget! As you can see in the picture above, they also do it in red. I liked the stripey jumper for comfort purposes, I'm just living in leggings and oversized tops right now. Who needs skirts!

SNV83455 SNV83457 

They had some fluorescent candy coloured rainbow striped tights too, so insane. Remember Filippa does a shopping service from Sweden if you see anything you like, I don't want to be mean to you by showing all these photos!

SNV83459 SNV83460

I thought this dalmatian print was really cool, have you ever seen that before? Here in Sweden people have such amazing dogs! I don't even like dogs but here they must be the most expensive breeds because I've never seen such incredible dogs. They have some cupcake print stuff in which is quite cute but not as subtly cute as the rest of the stock!

SNV83461 SNV83429 

In the middle of the store they have these weird spikes, so random! And the changing rooms have eye-level holes in the doors! Remember in Stockholm and even the fabric curtains have holes cut in? Why?! As I was taking this photo there was a woman shopping and I could have had a face-to-face conversation with her! I guess no one looks into the holes so it's OK, but I don't think this would ever fare well in England!

SNV83448 SNV83443

The doors also spin from the centre, so strange! Here's the cropped shirt along with a weird expression haha. It was very sheer so I knew I wouldn't go to wear it many times due to faffing around with a top for underneath, but I still like the idea of a button up.

SNV83426 SNV83437
The changing rooms had mirrors on every wall so from different angles you could see yourself x infinity! The lighting was random too so it was quite difficult to find a decent reflection! The next lucky thing that I stumbled across was the Monki sale. Everything in the sale was a straight up 50 or 75% off. Wow!! And everything at Monki is cool, there's no filler items, so the sale was great! I tried on quite random things, as I loved everything but could only picture my actual self in certain things. I bought this sweatshirt dress because I can throw it on and it's covered in 'monkis'. They're these little blobbly animals from the logo which feature on some products and are even stuffed teddies available to buy! I'm SO getting one before I leave Sweden! I also tried on this pastel fuzzy jumper because it felt amazing!

SNV83439 SNV83434

So in the end I got the sweater with monkis for about £7, a similar purple polkadot dress for less than £5 for my sister's birthday (I hope she doesn't see this picture!), and just a plain black sheer long-sleeved top with a pocket for less than a fiver too. All these were 75% off!! I've never seen a sale so good! If you look closely you can see the carrier bags they have too, which are clear with 'dripping paint' splotches along the top! It's so cool to have a clear shopping bag, it feels like you can show off your purchases! 


I'm a bit exasperated with my makeup at the moment! I feel like most of my things, or at least the ways I apply them, might not even suit me! And the more expensive things I have that I've bought on advice from MAC or Make Up Store seem to stop working. Like my MAC foundations always seem great for a few weeks and then maybe my skin changes because they'll suddenly be the wrong colour or go all cakey or oily. It's like my skin adapts to/rejects them. I had dry skin a while ago and used a face wash especially for dry skin and suddenly I had oily skin?! I'm doing something wrong somewhere! So for the fashion weeks coming up (or at least Copenhagen), I wanted a great lipstick in a bright colour that actually suited me. They have a MAC concession in Åhléns but I quite like Make Up Store so I asked for some advice and the girl suggested an orangey-red colour that was very similar to one applied at a MAC makeover once, so I know it must be a good colour! It was quite expensive, maybe around £14, but it will last! I know that you can claim tax back on purchases, but I'm not sure if it's worth collecting special receipts for everything and what condition they have to be in at the airport when you declare them? Anyway, I'm excited to wear this lipstick! I will possibly smudge it halfway across my face or something but at least it's a colour that suits me haha!


Right I've been writing this post for so long and it's too late to even call it the middle of the night anymore! I'm falling asleep so I'll have to carry on tomorrow! I hope long posts are OK as somehow I've got my blogging mojo back and I could write forever! I've got so many things to talk about and it's quite relaxing and cathartic to type a post. Tomorrow in part two I will show you the craziest buy ever, something which I've been openly searching for and blogging about since 2007 (no exaggeration!!!!!!!!), and even more sale bargains of the century! Good night! xx

p.s. I've emailed the first generated person for the Copenhagen tickets! Remember people they were just plane tickets so you would have had to book accommodation! If the winner can't make it I'll generate again and contact the next winner asap. I think I gave the impression I would pick the winner myself from reasons given but really I wish I could bring you all to Scandinavia! Seriously guys you have to visit Stockholm or Copenhagen someday, even just for a long weekend, you won't be disappointed! Put it on your birthday lists!



Close up photos??? I feel like things get lost when the camera is way back on the shelf, balancing on a tube of Fruitellas. Sadly I ate the said Fruitellas, so until I find a replacement with an equally perfect width, it's flat angles! My attempts at layering for the cold involve a lace Monki top, haha not great! But it does pretty up the Christopher Kane x Topshop tee a little, even if now it seems quite tame.

The guy on the right? My new man.


Hehe no, but the chin warming technique is admirable. This is another attempt at enlisting friends to take photos, which every blogger will know ALWAYS fails. But you can see pink shoes, heart tights, heart bag and hello kitty hair clip sort of, so it's worth posting! I also love the Swedish guy.


Did you know Swedish houses look like this? A cross between gingerbread houses and the open front ones you had for Sylvanian Families in my opinion! Not that I was privileged enough to have Sylvanians , I was a Duplo girl!


Ahhh Vivian has gone back to Taiwan nooooo! She left me a beautiful note, she is so lovely! Always enthusiastic and fabulous, maybe we'll meet in Japan one day! Ahh I'm going to miss those girls! They went travelling to Spain and Italy before they left and got soooo many designer bags! LV and Gucci and Balenciaga and Prada!


It's my photoshoot tomorrow and I'm just about to sort out a HELL of a lot of props, makeup and hair bows that I need. The thing is though, I'm not sure everyone else understood that tomorrow is the final assessment day, mainly due to the casual teacher and the language barrier. I just had a group project for three hours ahhh it's so complicated to write an assignment through three different languages and about something ridiculously hard and confusing in the first place! I wish I had just photography instead of economics.


OK snow, enough now! I want to wear heels!!! Ohhh BAD news about the velvet Office platforms in the last post, my fam in England kept missing the post so they've been sent back to Office! Nooo!! I've emailed but I haven't got my hopes up. Pain! But I've got a package from ASOS, Nasty Gal and something Gossip Girl related in the post hehehe.